After his plane crashes in Siberia, a Russian dancer, who defected to the West, is held prisoner in the Soviet Union. The KGB keeps him under watch and tries to convince him to become a dancer for the Kirov Academy of Ballet again. Determined to escape, he befriends a black American expatriate and his pregnant Russian wife, who agree to help him escape to the American Embassy.


Mikhail Baryshnikov Nikolai ‘Kolya’ Rodchenko
Gregory Hines Raymond Greenwood
Jerzy Skolimowski Colonel Chaiko
Helen Mirren Galina Ivanova
Geraldine Page Anne Wyatt
Isabella Rossellini Darya Greenwood
John Glover Wynn Scott
Stefan Gryff Captain Kirigin
William Hootkins Chuck Malarek
Shane Rimmer Ambassador Larry Smith
Florence Faure Ballerina (Death)
David Savile Pilot
Ian Liston Co-pilot
Benny Young Flight Engineer
Hilary Drake Stewardess #1


Editor William Steinkamp
Cinematography David Watkin
Editor Fredric Steinkamp
Producer William S. Gilmore
Director Taylor Hackford
Producer Taylor Hackford
Music Michel Colombier
Writer James Goldman
Writer Eric Hughes
Title Designer Dan Perri
Additional Photography Kenneth J. Withers

Country: United States of America
Studio & Production Companies: Columbia Pictures
Runtime: 136 minutes
Release Date: 1985-11-22