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Watermelon Man | 1970 | Godfrey Cambridge, Estelle Parsons


Watermelon Man | 1970 | Godfrey Cambridge, Estelle Parsons

Biting (and funny) social satire and the first studio effort from black filmmaker Van Peebles concerns a white bigot who wakes one morning to find himself transformed into a black man (both played to great effect by Cambridge).

The Watermelon Man was the final film for actress Mae Clark, whose career spanned six decades and is best known for receiving a grapefruit in the face courtesy of James Cagney in The Public Enemy (1931).

Godfrey Cambridge as Jeff Gerber
Estelle Parsons as Althea Gerber
Howard Caine as Mr. Townsend
D’Urville Martin as Bus Driver
Mantan Moreland as Counterman
Kay E. Kuter as Dr. Wainwright
Erin Moran as Janice Gerber
Paul Williams as Employment Office Clerk

Art Direction: Malcolm C. Bert, Sydney Z. Litwack
Set Decoration: John Burton
Director Of Photography: W. Wallace Kelley
Director: Melvin Van Peebles
Editor: Carl Kress
Producer: John B. Bennett
Executive Producer: Leon Mirell
Original Music Composer: Melvin Van Peebles
Writer: Herman Raucher

USA | 100 minutes | 1970

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