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Waterloo Road (Film4 / 15 Dec 2020)

Waterloo Road (1945


Waterloo Road (Film4 / 15 Dec 2020)

During WW2 a former railway employee who had been drafted, goes AWOL to hunt down the spiv and draft dodger who is having an affair with his wife.


John Mills (Jim Colter), Stewart Granger (Ted Purvis), Alastair Sim (Dr. Montgomery), Joy Shelton (Tillie Colter), Alison Leggatt (Ruby), Jean Kent (Toni), Beatrice Varley (Mrs. Colter), George Carney (Tom Mason), Leslie Bradley (Mike Duggan), Ben Williams (Cpl Lewis), Anna Konstam (), Vera Frances (), Wylie Watson (), George Merritt (), Frank Atkinson (), Nellie Bowman (), John Boxer (), Dave Crowley (), Amy Dalby (), Arthur Denton (), Mabel Etherington (), Ian Fleming (), Peter Hammond (), Laurence Hanray (), Dennis Harkin (), Kathleen Harrison (), Vincent Holman (), Wallace Lupino (), Pat Ryan (), Johnnie Schofield (), Leonard Sharp (), Harry Terry (),


Director: Sidney Gilliat

UK / 73 minutes / 1945


11:00-12:35 Tue 15th Dec 2020


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