Von Ryan’s Express | 1965 | Frank Sinatra, Trevor Howard,

Mark Robson’s Second World War adventure stars Frank Sinatra as the leader of Allied prisoners of war attempting to slip the clutches of their captors. In occupied Italy, a group of mainly English PoWs are set to make their escape from their camp when a tough American Colonel, Joseph Ryan (Sinatra), is incarcerated with them. On learning the details of their plot, and thinking it amounts to suicide, he blows their plans by telling the Italian guards.

His action earns their hatred, and the moniker ‘von Ryan’. However, Ryan is eventually able to make it up to his comrades when he spies the opportunity to hijack a train, and the possibility of conveying them all to safety in Switzerland. Even so, that still leaves them with a lot of the Italian countryside to cover, with the Nazis and Fascists determined to stop them, plus more trouble than they were expecting from their fellow Allied forces.

Frank Sinatra as Colonel Joseph L. Ryan
Trevor Howard as Major Eric Fincham
Raffaella Carrà as Gabriella
Brad Dexter as Sergeant Bostick
Sergio Fantoni as Captain Oriani
John Leyton as Lt. Orde
Edward Mulhare as Captain Costanzo
Wolfgang Preiss as Major Von Klemment
James Brolin as Private Ames
John van Dreelen as Colonel Gortz
Adolfo Celi as Battaglia
Vito Scotti as Peppino, Italian Train Engineer
Richard Bakalyan as Corporal Giannini
Michael Goodliffe as Captain Stein
Michael St. Clair as Sergeant Major Dunbar
Ivan Triesault as Von Kleist
Ian Abercrombie as English POW
Jacques Stany as Gortz’s Aide
Robert ‘Buzz’ Henry as American POW
John Daheim as American POW
James Sikking as American POW

Director: Mark Robson
Script: Wendell Mayes Joseph Landon David Westheimer

US | 117 minutes | 1965


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