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Undercurrent | 1946 | Katharine Hepburn, Robert Taylor


Undercurrent | 1946 | Katharine Hepburn, Robert Taylor

After a rapid engagement, a dowdy daughter of a chemist weds an industrialist, knowing little of his family or past. He transforms her into an elegant society wife, but becomes enraged whenever she asks about Michael, his mysterious long-lost brother.

Katharine Hepburn as Ann Hamilton
Robert Taylor as Alan Garroway
Robert Mitchum as Michael Garroway
Edmund Gwenn as Professor Hamilton
Marjorie Main as Lucy
Jayne Meadows as Sylvia Burton
Clinton Sundberg as Mr. Warmsley
Dan Tobin as Joseph Bangs
Kathryn Card as Mrs. Foster
Leigh Whipper as George
Charles Trowbridge as Justice Putnam
James Westerfield as Henry Gilson
Billy McClain as Uncle Ben
Don Anderson as Warmsley’s Assistant (uncredited)
Monya Andre as Saleswoman (uncredited)
Sylvia Andrew as Nora (uncredited)
William Bailey as Party Guest (uncredited)
Edward Biby as Man in Hotel Lobby (uncredited)
Barbara Billingsley as Party Guest (uncredited)
Betty Blythe as Saleslady (uncredited)
James Carlisle as Party Guest (uncredited)
Bill Cartledge as Flower Delivery Man (uncredited)
David Cavendish as Party Guest (uncredited)
Wheaton Chambers as Bookstore Proprietor (uncredited)
Naomi Childers as Party Guest (uncredited)
Dorothy Christy as Gossip in Hotel Lobby (uncredited)
James Conaty as Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Oliver Cross as Party Guest (uncredited)
Phil Dunham as Elevator Operator (uncredited)
Helen Eby-Rock as Fitter (uncredited)
William Eddritt as Butler (uncredited)
Sarah Edwards as Cora (uncredited)
Ella Ethridge as Party Guest (uncredited)
Bess Flowers as Julia Donnegan (uncredited)
Florence Fair as Guest (uncredited)
Jane Green as Elevator Passenger (uncredited)
Eula Guy as Housekeeper (uncredited)
Dell Henderson as Party Guest (uncredited)
Ernest Hilliard as Party Guest (uncredited)
Hazel Keener as Party Guest (uncredited)
Kenner G. Kemp as Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Daniel Kerry as Elevator Operator (uncredited)
Milton Kibbee as Minister (uncredited)
Sydney Logan as Model (uncredited)
Frank Mayo as Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Forbes Murray as Senator Pelli (uncredited)
William H. O’Brien as Waiter (uncredited)
Robert Emmett O’Connor as Stationmaster (uncredited)
Rudy Rama as Headwaiter (uncredited)
Gordon Richards as Headwaiter (uncredited)
Ellen Ross as Gwen (uncredited)
Hank Worden as Telegram Delivery Man (uncredited)
Frank Leigh as Party Guest (uncredited)
Harold Miller as Party Guest (uncredited)
Bert Moorhouse as Party Guest (uncredited)
Clive Morgan as Party Guest (uncredited)
Reginald Simpson as Party Guest (uncredited)
Joan Thorsen as Party Guest (uncredited)
Laura Treadwell as Party Guest (uncredited)
Suzanne Ridgeway as
Director: Vincente Minnelli
US | 116 minutes | 1946

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