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Turbulence | 1997 | Ray Liotta, Lauren Holly

Vacuous action thriller that tries to mix a disaster movie with a serial killer drama. Notorious murderer Weaver (Liotta) is being taken by air to his new prison. Once on board, he manages to get loose, kills his guards and incapacitates the flight crew, leaving desperate but sassy flight attendant Halloran (Holly) to try and land the plane. The film moves at a terrific pace, with air traffic controller Bowen (Cross) offering a voice of calm as he tries to guide Teri to safety. Totally preposterous entertainment.

Ray Liotta as Ryan Weaver
Lauren Holly as Teri Halloran
Brendan Gleeson as Stubbs
Héctor Elizondo as Lt. Aldo Hines
Rachel Ticotin as Rachel Taper
Ben Cross as Captain Samuel Bowen
Catherine Hicks as Maggie
Jeffrey DeMunn as Brooks
John Finn as FBI Agent Frank Sinclair
Heidi Kling as Betty
J. Kenneth Campbell as Captain Matt Powell
James MacDonald as 1st Officer Ted Kary
Grand L. Bush as Marshal Al Arquette
Michael Harney as Marshal Marty Douglas
Don Dowe as Air Traffic Controller
Gordy Owens as Carl
Richard Hoyt-Miller as Marshall Riordan
Michael Francis Kelly as Marsahll Green
Alan Bergmann as Mr. Kramer
Danna Hansen as Mrs. Kramer
R.J. Knoll as Kip
Sondra Spriggs as Career Woman
Garrett M. Brown as LAX Manager
Darryl Theirse as Limato
Fritz Mashimo as Asian Businessman
Tom Todoroff as Mr. Hollywood
Jeff Joseph as Detective
Dennis Redfield as Desk Sergeant
Malachy McCourt as Door Man
Gary Rodriguez as Rodriguez
William H. Burton Jr. as Port Authority Officer
Callie Thorne as Laura
John Elsen as Stone
Bill Cross as William Harris
Tannis Benedict as Air Traffic Controller
Scott Gurney as Air Traffic Controller
Cooper Huckabee as Wing Commander W. Hadfield
Kevin O’Rourke as Mark Pavone
Scott Lawrence as Felix
Lara Bierner as Air Traffic Controller (uncredited)
Paxton Culpepper as Airport Fireman (uncredited)
Charles Gemmill as FBI Agent (uncredited)
Billy Malone as Shopper (uncredited)
L.A. Rothman as Lizzie (uncredited)

Director: Robert Butler
Script: Jonathan Brett

USA | 100 minutes | 1997

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