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Tracker (Sony Movies / 21 Dec 2020)

Tracker (2010


Tracker (Sony Movies / 21 Dec 2020)

An ex-Boer war guerrilla in New Zealand is sent out to bring back a Maori accused of killing a British soldier. Gradually they grow to know and respect one another but a posse, led by the British Commanding officer is close behind and his sole intention is to see the Maori hang.


Ray Winstone (Arjan), Temuera Morrison (Kereama), Andy Anderson (Bryce), Gareth Reeves (Major Pritchard Carlysle), Mark Mitchinson (Saunders), Dan Musgrove (Private Renwick), Tim McLachlan (Levin), Jed Brophy (Posse Soldier Barker), Stephen Ure (Recruitment Clerk), Greg Johnson (Customs Officer – Justin),


Director: Ian Sharp

NZ, UK / 102 minutes / 2010


18:55-21:00 Mon 21st Dec 2020
Sony Movies


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