Town & Country | 2001 | Warren Beatty, Diane Keaton

In movies, anything is possible. Who’d have thought Billy Crystal and method man Robert De Niro in Analyze This would be more amusing than Billy Crystal co-starring with Robin Williams in Father’s Day? Heck, Hollywood’s ham-fisted honchos have even managed to bugger up sure things like the first Star Wars episode, third Godfather film and fourth Superman.

Yes, in the film world, there’s no such thing as a sure thing. However, you’d think that if you brought together the co-producer of Apocalypse Now, the man who wrote The Graduate, and the director of the excellent Funny Bones, and teamed them with one of the world’s biggest stars, a hugely successful TV actor and a brace of Academy Award-winning actresses, you wouldn’t end up with something as unremittingly awful as Town & Country.

A comedy about marriage, betrayal and, hey, learning to love again, it’s not even as if those responsible can claim they were rushed or subject to budgetary constraints. Some three years in the making, if Town & Country had been re-shot any further, it would have resembled an episode of ‘It’ll Be Alright On The Night’. And yet for all the cuts and rehashes, you’re still about as likely to find humour in a hearse.

Warren Beatty as Porter Stoddard
Diane Keaton as Ellie Stoddard
Goldie Hawn as Mona Morris
Garry Shandling as Griffin Morris
Andie MacDowell as Eugenie Clayborne
Nastassja Kinski as Alex
Jenna Elfman as Auburn
Charlton Heston as Mr. Clayborne
Josh Hartnett as Tom Stoddard
Katharine Towne as Holly
Tricia Vessey as Alice
Buck Henry as Suttler

Director: Peter Chelsom
Script: Buck Henry, Michael Laughlin

USA | 104 minutes | 2001