Tout Va Bien | 1972 | Yves Montand, Jane Fonda

Fonda is the American journalist and Montand her film-making husband reduced to making commercials. When they go to report on a factory strike where some of the employers have been taken hostage by their employees, their instinct is to side with the workers. But they find that the workers are playing vicious games with their bosses and displaying the same ludicrously self-serving attitudes they are striking against.

What they discover also puts a strain on their own relationship, which proves to be built on superficiality rather than true affection. Godard’s annoying satire must rate as his most charmless and unamusing movie. Despite some startling imagery, imaginative photography and the director’s usual disregard for conventions, for once it doesn’t all add up and we’re left with a craving for the subtle elegance of Breathless or Contempt, or even the crazy anarchy of his later work. Tout Va Bien is stuck somewhere in between.

Yves Montand as Lui, Jacques
Jane Fonda as Elle, Susanne
Vittorio Caprioli as Factory Manager
Elizabeth Chauvin as Genevieve
Castel Casti as Geneviève
Éric Chartier as Lucien
Yves Gabrielli as Léon
Anne Wiazemsky as Leftist woman

Directors: Jean-Luc Godard, Jean-Pierre Gorin, Groupe Dziga Vertov
Script: Jean-Luc Godard, Jean-Pierre Gorin

France | 95 minutes | 1972