Torture Garden | 1967 | Jack Palance, Peter Cushing

Above average horror movie based on four stories by Robert Psycho Bloch. Meredith is a sideshow hawker who claims that his torture exhibit can predict the future. Four customers take the challenge: one has trouble with riches, another faces a possessed piano, then there’s the robots in Hollywood, and the final (and best) story is about a man (Palance) who idolizes the writer Poe so much that he becomes one of his characters. Veteran horror director Francis knows exactly what buttons to push and he’s gifted with a cast of able actors who drive the thing forward with a certain amount of ironic sincerity.

Jack Palance as Ronald Wyatt (segment 4 “The Man Who Collected Poe”)
Burgess Meredith as Dr. Diabolo (Framing Story)
Beverly Adams as Carla Hayes (segment 2 “Terror Over Hollywood”)
Peter Cushing as Lancelot Canning (segment 4 “The Man Who Collected Poe”)
Maurice Denham as Uncle Roger (segment 1 “Enoch”)
Barbara Ewing as Dorothy Endicott (segment 3 “Mr. Steinway”)
Michael Bryant as Colin Williams (segment 1 “Enoch”)
John Standing as Leo Winston (segment 3 “Mr. Steinway”)
Robert Hutton as Bruce Benton (segment 2 “Terror Over Hollywood”)
John Phillips as Eddie Storm (segment 2 “Terror Over Hollywood”)
Michael Ripper as Gordon Roberts (Framing Story)
Bernard Kay as Dr. Heim (segment 2 “Terror Over Hollywood”)
Catherine Finn as Nurse Parker (segment 1 “Enoch”)
Ursula Howells as Miss Maxine Chambers (segment 3 “Mr. Steinway”)
David Bauer as Mike Charles (segment 2 “Terror Over Hollywood”)
Niall MacGinnis as Dr. Silversmith (segment 1 “Enoch”)

Director: Freddie Francis
Writer: Robert Bloch

UK – USA | 96 minutes | 1967