Tortilla Flat | 1942 | Spencer Tracy, Hedy Lamarr

Steinbeck’s glorious novel set in his beloved Monterey was brought to the screen by MGM, who had a field day casting the three leads (Morgan, Garfield and Tracy). Local residents of the fishing community were angered by the portrayal of their citizens as shiftless, drunken loafers, and Steinbeck himself ignored the film. These objections aside, the performances are superb (best of all Tracy as Pilon) and the images vivid and evocative.

Spencer Tracy as Pilon
Hedy Lamarr as Dolores Ramirez
John Garfield as Daniel Alvarez
Frank Morgan as le pirate
Akim Tamiroff as Pablo
Sheldon Leonard as Tito Ralph
John Qualen as Jose Maria Corcoran
Donald Meek as Paul D. Cummings
Connie Gilchrist as Mme Torrelli
Allen Jenkins as Portagee Joe
Henry O’Neill as Père Juan Ramon
Jack Carr as Herman Scrivani

Director: Victor Fleming
Script: John Steinbeck, John Lee Mahin, Benjamin Glazer

USA | 105 minutes | 1942