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Torrid Zone | Warner 1940 | James Cagney, Ann Sheridan

James Cagney is the plantation foreman stuck in deepest South America and desperate to get back to the US. However, he is convinced to stay on to protect boss O’Brien’s bananas from threatened vandalism.

Ann Sheridan is the night-club singer giving him a more pleasant reason to stay on. The melodrama takes off from here, but even Cagney’s classy performance doesn’t save this from being a distinctly average if not unentertaining film.

James Cagney as Nick Butler
Ann Sheridan as Lee Donley
Pat O’Brien as Steve Case
Andy Devine as Wally Davis
Helen Vinson as Mrs. Gloria Anderson
Jerome Cowan as Bob Anderson
George Tobias as Rosario La Mata
George Reeves as Sancho
Victor Kilian as Carlos
Frank Puglia as Police Chief Juan Rodriguez
John Ridgely as Gardner
Grady Sutton as Sam
Paul Porcasi as Garcia
Frank Yaconelli as Lopez
Dick Botiller as Hernandez
Frank Mayo as Shaffer
Jack Mower as McNamara
Paul Hurst as Daniels
George Regas as Sergeant of Police
Elvira Sánchez as Rita
Trevor Bardette as Policeman Escorting Lee on Ship
Max Blum as Bit Part
Joe Dominguez as Manuel – Rosario’s Henchman
George Humbert as Hotel Manager
Manuel López as Chico – Rasario’s Henchman
Joe Molinas as Native
Don Orlando as Hotel Employee Hanging Mosquito Netting
Tony Paton as Charley – Plantation Worker
Ralph Peters as First Train Engineer
Ernesto Piedra as Policeman
Paul Renay as Jose – Rosario’s Henchman
Victor Sabini as Bit Part
Betty Sanko as Bit Part
Rafael Storm as Man
Leo White as Smiling Man to Whom Lee Sings
Tom Wilson as Passerby as Train Moves

Director: William Keighley
Script: Richard Macaulay, Jerry Wald

USA | Warner | 88 minutes | 1940

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