Top Gun | 1986 | Tom Cruise, Kelly McGillis

Roaring jet engines and gushing testosterone characterise this Tony Scott-directed Simpson/Bruckheimer production. Worryingly memorable ‘high concept’ landmark

A cinematic milestone for all the wrong reasons. Remember the time when film used to be innovative and exciting? Well, this Simpson/Bruckheimer production put an end to it.

No more Taxi Driver, The Right Stuff or even Risky Business – high concept had arrived.

Cruise is Lt Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell, the top-gun pilot on a testosterone high who has to get the girl while proving that he is man of the sky. A film which adds up to less than the sum of its parts, Top Gun can still be admired for its sheer professionalism. Most of the films it inspired were much worse, but Top Gun was the first nail in the coffin of Hollywood cinema, and so far only Michael Mann seems brave enough to try to lift the lid.

Still, it has to be said that the extensive dog-fight sequences are thrillingly realistic – if you like that sort of thing.

Tom Cruise as Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell
Kelly McGillis as Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Blackwood
Val Kilmer as Tom ‘Iceman’ Kazanski
Anthony Edwards as Nick ‘Goose’ Bradshaw
Tom Skerritt as Viper
Michael Ironside as Jester
John Stockwell as Cougar
Barry Tubb as Wolfman
Rick Rossovich as Slider
Tim Robbins as Merlin
Meg Ryan as Carole
Whip Hubley as Hollywood
Adrian Pasdar as Chipper
James Tolkan as Stinger
Clarence Gilyard Jr. as Sundown

Production Design: John Decuir Jr.
Set Designer: Craig Edgar
Director Of Photography: Jeffrey L. Kimball
Camera Operator: John J. Connor
Costume Supervisor: Bobbie Read
Costume Supervisor: James W. Tyson
Special Effects Coordinator: Allen Hall
Stunt Coordinator: R.A. Rondell
Director: Tony Scott
Script Supervisor: June Samson
Producer: Don Simpson
Producer: Jerry Bruckheimer
Vfx Artist: David Settlow
Vfx Artist: Aaron Williams
Screenplay: Jim Cash
Screenplay: Jack Epps Jr.
Original Story: Ehud Yonay

USA | 110 minutes | 1986


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