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Tootsie | 1982 | Dustin Hoffman, Jessica Lange

Critically acclaimed cross-dressing comedy with a wonderfully exuberant performance from Dustin Hoffman.

Pollack’s easy-going, gender-bending comedy seems to have grown in stature and reputation with age, and it is not difficult to see why. Given the crudities and complexities of modern Hollywood comedies, it is perhaps understandable that a simple idea executed with such skill and charm is so warmly remembered.

Hoffman puts in a sterling performance as actor Michael Dorsey who is so desperate for work that he transforms himself into Dorothy Michaels, and becomes a soap queen, despite falling for his co-star Julie Nichols (Lange). Lange won an Oscar for her role, but she is only part of a terrific supporting cast.

Dustin Hoffman as Michael Dorsey / Dorothy Michaels
Jessica Lange as Julie Nichols
Teri Garr as Sandy
Dabney Coleman as Ron Carlisle
Charles Durning as Les Nichols
Bill Murray as Jeff Slater
Sydney Pollack as George Fields
George Gaynes as John Van Horn
Geena Davis as April
Doris Belack as Rita
Ellen Foley as Jacqui
Peter Gatto as Rick
Lynne Thigpen as Jo
Ronald L. Schwary as Phil Weintraub
Debra Mooney as Mrs. Mallory
Amy Lawrence as Amy
Kenny Sinclair as Boy
Susan Merson as Page
Robert D. Wilson as Stage Hand
James Carruthers as Middle-Aged Man
Estelle Getty as Middle-Aged Woman
Christine Ebersole as Linda
Bernie Pollack as Actor #1
Sam Stoneburner as Actor #2
Marjorie Lovett as Salesgirl
Barbara Spiegel as Billie
Suzanne von Schaack as Party girl
Anne Shropshire as Mrs. Crawley
Murray Schisgal as Party guest
Richard Whiting as Priest
Jim Jansen as Stage Manager #2
Tom Mardirosian as Stage Manager
Gavin Reed as Director
Annie Korzen as Autograph Hound
Ibbits Warriner as Autograph Hound
Lois de Banzie as Autograph Hound
Stephen Prutting as Autograph Hound
Tobin Bell as Waiter (uncredited)
Phillip Borsos as (uncredited)
Jim Dratfield as Acting Student (uncredited)
John Kapelos as Actor at Party (uncredited)
Joyce Worsley as Shocked Bystander as Dorothy Grabs a Cab (uncredited)
Andy Warhol as Himself (uncredited)
Pamela Lincoln as Secretary
Michael M. Ryan as Middle-Aged Man

Screenplay: Larry Gelbart, Murray Schisgal, Elaine May, Barry Levinson
Story: Don Mcguire, Larry Gelbart
Production Design: Peter S. Larkin
Set Decoration: Thomas C. Tonery
Property Master: Jimmy Raitt
Director Of Photography: Owen Roizman
Still Photographer: Brian Hamill
Costume Design: Ruth Morley
Costume Supervisor: Bernie Pollack
Director: Sydney Pollack
Producer: Sydney Pollack
Producer: Dick Richards
Executive Producer: Charles Evans

USA | 116 minutes | 1982

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