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Too Late the Hero | 1970 | Michael Caine, Cliff Robertson


Too Late the Hero | 1970 | Michael Caine, Cliff Robertson

A heavyweight cast (Caine, Elliott, Bannen, Fonda) populate Aldrich’s testosterone-heavy Second World War thriller, although it’s Robertson who takes the lead as the opportunistic US Navy man who has to face up to his responsibility when he is forced to lead an attack against the Japanese. Just another war movie, really, with only the lengthy roster of star names and claustrophobic island location to set it apart from its peers.

Michael Caine as Pvt. Tosh Hearne
Cliff Robertson as Lt. Sam Lawson
Henry Fonda as Capt. John G Nolan
Ian Bannen as Pvt. Jock Thornton
Harry Andrews as Col. Thompson
Denholm Elliott as Captain Hornsby
Ronald Fraser as Private Campbell
Lance Percival as Cpl. McLean
Percy Herbert as Sgt. Johnstone
Ken Takakura as Major Yamaguchi
Sam Kydd as C/Sgt.
Patrick Jordan as Sgt. Major
William Beckley as Pvt. Currie
Martin Horsey as Pvt. Griffiths
Don Knight as Pvt. Connolly
Harvey Jason as Pvt. Scott
Roger Newman as Pvt. Riddle
Michael Parsons as Pvt. Rafferty
Sean MacDuff as Pvt. Rogers
Frank Webb as Ensign

Director Of Photography: Joseph F. Biroc
Director: Robert Aldrich
Editor: Michael Luciano
Producer: Robert Aldrich
Casting: Lynn Stalmaster
Music: Gerald Fried
Screenplay: Robert Aldrich
Screenplay: Lukas Heller
Story: Robert Aldrich
Story: Robert Sherman

USA | 145 minutes | 1970

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