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Tomorrow Is Forever | 1946 | Claudette Colbert, Orson Welles


Tomorrow Is Forever | 1946 | Claudette Colbert, Orson Welles

In 1918, Elizabeth MacDonald learns that her husband, John Andrew, has been killed in the war. Elizabeth bears John’s son and eventually marries her kindly boss. Unknown to her, John has survived but is horribly disfigured and remains in Europe. Years later, on the eve of World War II, Elizabeth refuses to agree to her son’s request to enlist and is stunned when an eerily familiar stranger named Kessler arrives from abroad and becomes involved.

Claudette Colbert as Elizabeth Hamilton
Orson Welles as John Andrew MacDonald
George Brent as Lawrence Hamilton
Lucile Watson as Aunt Jessica Hamilton
Richard Long as Drew Hamilton
Natalie Wood as Margaret Ludwig
John Wengraf as Dr. Ludwig
Sonny Howe as Brian Hamilton
Ian Wolfe as Norton
Joyce Mackenzie as Cherry Davis
Jesse Graves as Ambrose
Henry Hastings as Daniel
Boyd Irwin as Dr. Callan
Tom Wirick as Pudge Davis
Jack Cheatham as Policeman
Lois Austin as Woman
Charles D. Brown as Immigration Officer
Mike Donovan as Conductor
Jessica Grayson as Servant
Milton Kibbee as Baltimore Postman
Anne Loos as Freckled-Face Nurse
Thomas Louden as Englishman on Ship
Irving Pichel as Radio Commentator (Voice)
Gary Pietila as Baby Drew in Elizabeth’s Lap
Douglas Wood as Charles Hamilton
Leonard Carey as Hamilton Employee
Jeffrey Sayre as Hamilton Employee
Lane Chandler as Hamilton Lab Technician
Lane Watson as Hamilton’s Secretary
Sam Wren as Hamilton’s Secretary
Libby Taylor as Hamilton’s Maid
Betty Greco as Girlfriend
Barbara Bletcher as Girlfriend
Marguerite Campbell as Girlfriend
Helen Gerald as Girlfriend
Anne Howard as Girlfriend
Bobbie Brooks as Girlfriend
Nena Ruth as Girlfriend
Evan Thomas as Ship’s Doctor
Carmen Beretta as Ship’s Passenger
Carli Elinor as Ship’s Passenger
Louis Lowy as Ship’s Passenger
Charles H. Faber as Ship’s Passenger
Rudolf Myzet as Ship’s Passenger
Tina Menard as Ship’s Passenger
Lala Detolly as Ship’s Passenger
Loulette Sablon as Ship’s Passenger
Catherine Savitsky as Ship’s Passenger
Waclaw Rekwart as Ship’s Passenger
Count Stefenelli as Ship’s Passenger
Amzie Strickland as Ship’s Passenger
Hilda Tanzler as Ship’s Passenger
William Dyer Jr. as Fraternity Boy
Jack Lindquist as Fraternity Boy
Michael Sloane as Fraternity Boy
Frank Chalfant as Fraternity Boy
Buster Phelps as Fraternity Boy
Eugene Taylor as Fraternity Boy
Bob Tidwell as Fraternity Boy
Frank Wyrick as Fraternity Boy
Director: Irving Pichel
US | 105 minutes | 1946

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