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Toast of New York, The (MGM 1937 | Edward Arnold, Cary Grant)


Toast of New York, The (MGM 1937 | Edward Arnold, Cary Grant)

Fanciful biopic about the career of 19th-century financier Jim Fisk. Likeable scoundrel Fisk (Edward Arnold) slowly makes his way from poor medicine show-man to high-flying Wall Street tycoon. Skimming over Fisk’s more risqué attributes, his involvement in the corrupt Tweed Ring and 1869’s Black Friday that spelt economic disaster for America, director Lee offers a more sanitized version of events. Even his notorious mistress Josie Mansfield (Frances Farmer) is portrayed as just a loyal friend. However, the good support cast (Grant, Oakie, Meek, and Laurel and Hardy fall guy James Finlayson in a cameo) makes for good entertainment.

Edward Arnold as Jim Fisk
Cary Grant as Nick Boyd
Frances Farmer as Josie Mansfield
Jack Oakie as Luke
Donald Meek as Daniel Drew
Thelma Leeds as Fleurique
Clarence Kolb as Cornelius Vanderbilt
Dudley Clements as Collins
Dewey Robinson as Beef Dooley
George Irving as Broker
Russell Hicks as Lawyer
Billy Gilbert as Photographer
Stanley Fields as Top Sergeant

Writers: Matthew Josephson, Dudley Nichols, Joel Sayre, John Twist, Bouck White
Director: Rowland V. Lee
Producer: Edward Small
Photographer: J Peverell Marley
Music: Nathaniel Shilkret

USA | MGM | 109 minutes | 1937

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