Tiger Bay (1959 | John Mills, Horst Buchholz)

As a noted critic once said of Judy Garland, ‘There’s no counterfeiting that sort of talent.’ The same compliment may be paid to Hayley Mills, whose dad also stars here, as the dogged detective. His quarry is a Polish sailor (Buchholz) who has killed his girlfriend and jumped ship in Tiger Bay, Cardiff. While he waits to escape on another ship he kidnaps the bossy 10-year-old (Mills junior), who has witnessed his crime and taken the murder weapon.
The performances, crisp direction and authentic settings transform this conventional hostage-captor situation into a touching character study and an exciting thriller.
John Mills as Superintendent Graham
Horst Buchholz as Korchinsky
Hayley Mills as Gillie
Yvonne Mitchell as Anya
Megs Jenkins as Mrs. Phillips
Anthony Dawson as Barclay
Marne Maitland as Doctor
Kenneth Griffith as Mr. Seymour
Meredith Edwards as Williams
Marianne Stone as Mrs. Williams
Michael Anderson Jr. as Boy with Cap Gun
Rachel Thomas as Mrs. Parry
Brian Hammond as Dal Parry
Writers: John Hawkesworth, Shelley Smith
Directors: J Lee Thompson
Producers: John Hawkesworth, Leslie Parkyn, Julian white
Photographer: Eric Cross