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THX 1138 (Robert Duvall, Donald Pleasence)

THX 1138

People in the future live in a totalitarian society. A technician named THX 1138 lives a mundane life between work and taking a controlled consumption of drugs that the government uses to make puppets out of people. As THX is without drugs for the first time he has feelings for a woman and they start a secret relationship.


Robert Duvall THX
Donald Pleasence SEN
Don Pedro Colley SRT
Maggie McOmie LUH
Ian Wolfe PTO
Marshall Efron TWA
Sid Haig NCH
John Pearce DWY
Irene Cagen IMM
Gary Alan Marsh CAM
John Seaton OUE
Eugene I. Stillman JOT
Jack Walsh TRG (as Raymond J. Walsh)
Mark Lawhead Shell Dweller


Screenplay George Lucas
Director George Lucas
Editor George Lucas
Screenplay Walter Murch
Sound Editor Walter Murch
Executive Producer Francis Ford Coppola
Art Direction Michael D. Haller
Director of Photography David Myers
Director of Photography Albert Kihn
Costume Design Donald Longhurst
Original Music Composer Lalo Schifrin
Producer Edward Folger
Producer Larry Sturhahn

Country: United States of America
Studio & Production Companies: Warner Bros. Pictures American Zoetrope
Runtime: 86 minutes
Release Date: 1971-03-11