Three Coins in the Fountain | 1954 | Clifton Webb, Dorothy McGuire

Jean Negulesco, whose other films include Daddy Longlegs, Three Came Home and The Mudlark, directs this Oscar-winning romantic drama with a light touch, making the central location, Rome, as much a star as the three leads. Dorothy McGuire, Jean Peters and Maggie McNamara are the three lovelies who throw their coins into the Trevi fountain, wishing for romance. Of course, they find it with three very different men (Clifton Webb, Rossano Brazzi and Louis Jourdan), but not without misunderstandings and mishaps along the way.

Clifton Webb as John Frederick Shadwell
Dorothy McGuire as Miss Frances
Jean Peters as Anita Hutchins
Louis Jourdan as Prince Dino di Cessi
Maggie McNamara as Maria Williams
Rossano Brazzi as Georgio Bianchi
Howard St. John as Burgoyne
Kathryn Givney as Mrs. Burgoyne
Cathleen Nesbitt as Principessa
Gino Corrado as Principessa’s Butler (uncredited)
Celia Lovsky as Baroness (uncredited)
Luciana Paluzzi as Angela Bianchi (uncredited)
Norma Varden as Woman at Cocktail Party (uncredited)

Director: Jean Negulesco
Script: John Patrick, John H. Secondari

USA | 102 minutes | 1954