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They Rode West (Sony Movies Action / 14 Dec 2020)

They Rode West (1954


They Rode West (Sony Movies Action / 14 Dec 2020)

Dr. Allen Seward (Robert Francis) is assigned to a western cavalry post where his predecessors had been drunks and slackers. The post doesn’t take kindly to him either, especially after he disregards regulations and tends to sick Indians on the malaria-infested reservation. The Indians break away from the reservation to move to a healthier higher ground, and when they join with the Comanches to besiege the fort, Seward is branded as a “woodhawk”, the bird that turns against its own. Donna Reed is present as the niece of the post commander; Phil Carey is a cavalry captain that believes the only good Indian is a dead Indian, and May Wynn (who shared a screen debut with Francis in “The Caine Mutiny)is the white girl raised by the Indians and married to the chief’s son. Francis would make only two more films before being killed in a 1955 plane crash.


Robert Francis (Dr. Allen Seward), Donna Reed (Laurie MacKaye), May Wynn (Manyi-ten), Philip Carey (Peter Blake), Onslow Stevens (Col. Ethan Waters), Peggy Converse (Mrs. Martha Walters), Roy Roberts (Sgt. Creever), Jack Kelly (Lt. Raymond), Stuart Randall (Chief Satanta), Eugene Iglesias (Red Leaf), Frank De Kova (Isatai), John War Eagle (Chief Quanah), Ralph Dumke (Dr. Gibson),


Director: Phil Karlson

US / 84 minutes / 1954


13:10-14:55 Mon 14th Dec 2020 105m
Sony Movies Action


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