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The Way to the Stars (Michael Redgrave, John Mills)

Image from The Way to the Stars


The Way to the Stars (Michael Redgrave, John Mills)

The Way to the Stars: Life on a British bomber base, and the surrounding towns, from the opening days of the Battle of Britain, to the arrival of the Americans, who join in the bomber offensive. The film centres around Pilot Officer Peter Penrose, fresh out of a training unit, who joins the squadron, and quickly discovers about life during war time. He falls for Iris, a young girl who lives at the local hotel, but he becomes disillusioned about marriage, when the squadron commander dies in a raid, and leaves his wife, the hotel manageress, with a young son to bring up. As the war progresses, Penross comes to terms that he has survived, while others have been killed.

Michael Redgrave Flight Lt. David Archdale
John Mills Pilot Officer Peter Penrose
Rosamund John Miss Todd
Douglass Montgomery Johnny Hollis
Renée Asherson Iris Winterton
Stanley Holloway Mr. Palmer
Basil Radford ‘Tiny’ Williams
Felix Aylmer Rev. Charles Moss
Bonar Colleano Joe Friselli
Joyce Carey Miss Winterton
Trevor Howard Squadron Leader Carter
Nicholas Stuart Colonel Rogers (as Tryon Nichol)
Bill Owen Sgt. ‘Nobby’ Clarke
Grant Miller Wally Becker
Jean Simmons A Singer

Director Anthony Asquith
Story Anatole de Grunwald
Screenplay Terence Rattigan
Story Terence Rattigan
Second Assistant Director Anthony Hearne

United Kingdom / Two Cities Films / 109 minutes / Released 1945-06-16

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