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The Razor’s Edge (Fox 1946, Tyrone Power, Gene Tierney)

The Razor's Edge (Fox 1946


The Razor’s Edge (Fox 1946, Tyrone Power, Gene Tierney)

W. Somerset Maugham’s hokey philosophical novel, with Herbert Marshall playing the author again as he did in The Moon and Sixpence (1942), makes an equally hokey, all-star Fox movie. As long as it sticks to the Americans in Europe between the wars, including Webb as an arch-snob, it is enjoyable and engrossing.

When Larry Darrell (Tyrone Power), as the hero seeking the meaning of life, gets to India, though, it is far less convincing and, by the end, is pretty sentimental and shallow. Anne Baxter, as tragic Sophie MacDonald who takes to drink after the death of her husband and young child, won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her performance.


Tyrone Power (Larry Darrell), Gene Tierney (Isabel Bradley), John Payne (Gray Maturin), Anne Baxter (Sophie MacDonald), Clifton Webb (Elliott Templeton), Herbert Marshall (W. Somerset Maugham), Lucile Watson (Louisa Bradley), Frank Latimore (Bob MacDonald), Elsa Lanchester (Miss Keith), Fritz Kortner (Kosti), John Wengraf (Joseph – Gray & Isabel’s Butler), Cecil Humphreys (Holy Man), Harry Pilcer (Specialty Dancer), Cobina Wright Sr. (Princess Novemali), Henri Letondal (Police Inspector at Sophie’s Death (uncredited)), Brooks Benedict (Party Guest (uncredited)), Reed Hadley (Party Waiter (voice) (uncredited)), Paul Everton (Banker (uncredited)), Shushella Shakari (Arab Girl), Bess Flowers (Country Club Party Guest), Forbes Murray (Dr. Maturin), Cosmo Sardo (Minor Role),


Director: Edmund Goulding
Producer: Darryl F Zanuck
Writer: Lamar Trotti
Photographer: Arthur Miller

USA / FOX / 145 minutes / 1946


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