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The Rare Breed (Universal 1966, James Stewart, Maureen O’Hara)

The Rare Breed (Universal 1966


The Rare Breed (Universal 1966, James Stewart, Maureen O’Hara)

In comedy western The Rare Breed widowed Maureen O’Hara enlists cowpoke James Stewart in her quixotic attempt to breed a longhorn bull with her prize English Hereford. Keith initially backs the concept, but begins to doubt. After escorting O’Hara and her cow, Stewart becomes a believer and, after the bull dies, searches the prairie for a half-Hereford calf. Well made, with convincing performances.

Bud Westmore, makeup artist on The Rare Breed, was a member of the legendary Westmore family, one of six sons of British wigmaker George Westmore who worked in the trade in Hollywood.


James Stewart (Sam Burnett), Maureen O’Hara (Martha Price), Brian Keith (Alexander Bowen), Juliet Mills (Hilary Price), Don Galloway (Jamie Bowen), David Brian (Charles Ellsworth), Jack Elam (Deke Simons), Ben Johnson (Jeff Harter), Harry Carey, Jr. (Ed Mabry), Perry Lopez (Juan), Alan Caillou (John Taylor), Irene Kelly (Cowgirl),


Director: Andrew V. McLaglen
Producer: William Alland
Director of Photography: William H. Clothier
Editing: Russell Schoengarth
Music:John T. Williams
Script: Ric Hardman
Art Direction: Alexander Golitzen, Alfred Ybarra

USA / Universal / 97 minutes / 1966


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