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The Quiet Man | 1952 | John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara


The Quiet Man | 1952 | John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara

John Ford heads to Ireland, taking John Wayne with him, for this colourful comedy about a boxer wooing a woman back in the old country
Wayne plays Sean Thornton, a former boxer disillusioned with his life in America who returns to his Irish home town to settle down. He buys the cottage he was born in, upsetting local squire ‘Red Will’ Danaher (McLaglen), who had an eye on the property himself.
The next mistake he makes is to falls for the squire’s fiery sister, Mary Kate Danaher (O’Hara). Then he finds out that he will need her brother’s permission to marry her.
While Ford (who was born of Irish parents, and christened Sean Aloysius O’Fearna) overdoes the Irish angle to please the ex-pats back home (everything is the Emerald Isle is gloriously green), as a whole this is an amusing ‘The Taming of the Shrew’ type comedy handled with a professional softness of touch by all concerned.
The Quiet Man also boasts the most extraordinarily extravagant, protracted ‘donnybrook’ (that’s a brawl to those not in on the Oirish parlance), as Sean and Red Will go at it up hill, down dale and in – and out of the pub.
As well as Ford’s older brother Francis appearing as the old man who rallies from his death men when he hears of the big fight, various Waynes also appear in the film: John’s sons Michael (who would later produce)and Patrick (who would continue to act), and daughters Melinda and Toni.
Ah, yes… I knew your people, Sean. Your grandfather – he died in Australia, in a penal colony. And your father, he was a good man too. – Father Peter Lonergan (Ward Bond)
Best Director (1953)
Academy Awards, USA – John Ford
Best Cinematography, Color (1953)
Academy Awards, USA – Winton C Hoch
International Award (1952)
Venice Film Festival – John Ford
OCIC Award (1952)
Venice Film Festival – John Ford

John Wayne as Sean Thornton
Maureen O’Hara as Mary Kate Danaher
Victor McLaglen as Squire ‘Red’ Will Danaher
Barry Fitzgerald as Michaleen Oge Flynn
Ward Bond as Father Peter Lonergan
Mildred Natwick as The Widow Sarah Tillane
Francis Ford as Dan Tobin
Eileen Crowe as Mrs. Elizabeth Playfair
May Craig as Fishwoman with basket at station
Arthur Shields as Rev. Cyril ‘Snuffy’ Playfair
Charles B. Fitzsimons as Hugh Forbes
James O’Hara as Father Paul
Sean McClory as Owen Glynn
Jack MacGowran as Ignatius Feeney
Joseph O’Dea as Molouney – Train Guard
Eric Gorman as Costello – Engine Driver
Kevin Lawless as Train fireman
Paddy O’Donnell as Railway porter
Ruth Clifford as Mother (uncredited)
Ken Curtis as Dermot Fahy (uncredited)
David Hughes as Police Constable (uncredited)
Tiny Jones as Nell – Maid (uncredited)
Mae Marsh as Father Paul’s Mother (uncredited)
Frank O’Connor as Ringside Photographer (uncredited)
Melinda Wayne as Girl on Wagon at Horse Race (uncredited)
Michael Wayne as Teenage Boy at Races (uncredited)
Patrick Wayne as Boy on Wagon at Horse Race (uncredited)
Toni Wayne as Teenage Girl at Races (uncredited)
Frank Baker as Man in Bar (uncredited)
Noble Chissell as Undetermined Secondary Role (uncredited)
Director: John Ford
Producers: Merian C Cooper, John Ford
Writer: Frank S Nugent
Photographers: Winton C Hoch, Archie Stout
Composer: Victor Young
US | 129 minutes | 1952

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