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The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex | 1939 | Errol Flynn, Bette Davis,

Nominated for five Osacrs, Michael Curtiz’s lush historical drama stars Bette Davis as Queen Elizabeth I, with Errol Flynn as one of her favourites, the Earl of Essex. She is infatuated with him but is also aware he has designs on her throne. Essex, while not immune to her charms, has a roving eye which encourages Lady Penelope Gray (Olivia de Havilland), only for her hopes to be dashed.

Donald Crisp plays Francis Bacon, friend to both the Queen and the Earl while among those plotting Essex’s downfall are Sir Walter Raleigh (Vincent Price) and Sir Robert Cecil (Henry Daniell).

Errol Flynn as The Earl of Essex
Bette Davis as Queen Elizabeth
Olivia de Havilland as Lady Penelope Gray
Donald Crisp as Francis Bacon
Alan Hale as The Prince of Tyrone
Vincent Price as Sir Walter Raleigh
Henry Stephenson as Lord Burghley
Henry Daniell as Sir Robert Cecil
James Stephenson as Sir Thomas Egerton
Nanette Fabray as Mistress Margaret Radcliffe
Ralph Forbes as Lord Knollys
Robert Warwick as Lord Mountjoy
Leo G. Carroll as Sir Edward Coke
Guy Bellis as Lord Charles Howard
Forrester Harvey as Bit Part
Holmes Herbert as Majordomo
I. Stanford Jolley as Spectator Outside Whitehall Palace
Doris Lloyd as Handmaiden
John Sutton as Capt. Armand of the Queen’s Guard
Rosella Towne as Lady of the Court
Maris Wrixon as Lady of the Court

Director: Michael Curtiz
Script: Æneas MacKenzie, Norman Reilly Raine

USA | 106 minutes | 1939

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