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The Place Beyond the Pines | 2013 | Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes

Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper star in Derek Cianfrance’s compelling and ambitious tripartite crime drama set in Schenectady (a Mohawk word that gives the film its title) in upstate New York. The film’s three tales relate the stories of two men and their offspring. The narrative opens with Luke (Gosling), a heavily tattooed daredevil motorcycle stunt rider, returning to a fairground in Schenectady for the first time in over a year to discover that his fling with a local woman (Eva Mendes) has resulted in a son.

She’s now with another man (Mahershala Ali) but the flame is still flickering, so, desperate to prove his worth and his ability to support their child, Luke starts using his riding skills to rob banks. Also in town, but higher up the social ladder, is another new father, ambitious policeman Avery Cross (Cooper).

Avery’s path is fated to intersect not only with Luke’s, but also with a group of local cops led by Deluca (Ray Liotta), who will present him with a moral quandary. And Luke and Avery’s actions will, more than a decade later, have repercussions for their sons (Emory Cohen and Dane DeHaan).

Ryan Gosling as Luke Glanton
Bradley Cooper as Avery Cross
Eva Mendes as Romina Gutierrez
Dane DeHaan as Jason Kancam
Emory Cohen as AJ Cross
Rose Byrne as Jennifer Cross
Mahershala Ali as Kofi Kancam
Bruce Greenwood as Bill Killcullen
Harris Yulin as Al Cross
Ben Mendelsohn as Robin Van Der Hook
Ray Liotta as Peter Deluca
Robert Clohessy as Chief Weirzbowski
Gabe Fazio as Scott
Olga Merediz as Malena Gutierrez
Craig Van Hook as Jack
Anthony Angelo Pizza, Jr. as Baby Jason
John Facci as Priest
Tula as Robin’s Dog
Penny as Robin’s Dog
Cynthia Pelletier-Sullivan as Teller #1 – Bank #1
Mackenzie Trainor as Teller #2 – Bank #1
Nicole Califano as Teller #3 – Bank #1
Shannon Plumb as Lady In Ice Cream Shop
Tracey Augustin as Teller #1 – Bank #2
Ean Egas as Teller #2 – Bank #2
Bob Dieterich as Banker Outside Bank #2
Thomas Mattice as Booking Officer
Adam Nowichi as Arresting Officer
Mark J. Caruso as Court Lawyer
G. Douglas Griset as Judge #1
Vanessa Thorpe as Court Officer
Gail Martino as Teller – Bank #3
Brian Smyj as Officer Jefferson
Dorothy Rutherford as Mother At Home
Paul Steele as Officer at Shootout Scene
Travis Jackson Campbell as Baby AJ
Trevor Jackson Campbell as Baby AJ
Jan Libertucci as Nurse
Sabrina Dhammi as Reporter #1
Heather Chestnut as Jennifer’s Mother
Greta Seacat as Cory Gilbeau
Luca Pierucci as Doc Crowley
Jessica Layton as Reporter #2
James J. Gleason as Funeral Director
Patrick Husted as Preacher
Joe McCarthy as Campaign Manager
Jefrey Pollock as Campaign Advisor
Lynette Howell Taylor as Political Media Advisor
Sarah Curcio as Guidance Counselor
Ephraim Benton as Benny
Mark McCracken as Drug Busting Cop #1
Adriel Linyear as Drug Busting Cop #2
Kevin Green as Interrogating Cop
Jennifer Sober as Public Defender
Melissa Mills as Judge #2
Alex Pulling as Alex
Dante Shafer as Dante
Kayla Smalls as Vanessa Kancam
Frank J. Falvo as Pharmacy Clerk
Leah Bliven as Leah
Whitney Hudson as Whitney
Breanna Dolen as Breanna
Hugh T. Farley as State Senator
Michael Cullen as Mr. Anthony

Director: Derek Cianfrance
Script: Derek Cianfrance Ben Coccio Darius Marder

US | 140 minutes | 2013

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