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The Naked Runner (Sinatra Enterprises 1967, Frank Sinatra, Peter Vaughan)


The Naked Runner (Sinatra Enterprises 1967, Frank Sinatra, Peter Vaughan)

The Naked Runner: A great bit of cold war paranoia that provides Sinatra with the meaty role of Laker, an intelligence officer turned businessman who finds himself up to his neck in conspiracy and assassination when he bumps into an old colleague while on a routine business trip to East Germany and is coerced into carrying out a job for him. Added to this is Laker’s 10-year-old son who is used to blackmail Laker into returning to his old ways. Furie’s film tackles its tangled politics with intelligence, although it’s a thriller first and foremost and a cold war commentary second.

Frank Sinatra Sam Laker
Peter Vaughan Martin Slattery
Nadia Gray Karen Gisevius
Toby Robins Ruth
Derren Nesbitt Colonel Hartmann
Edward Fox Ritchie Jackson
Inger Stratton Anna
Cyril Luckham Cabinet minister
J.A.B. Dubin-Behrmann Joseph
Michael Newport Patrick Laker
Roy Hanlon

Editor Barrie Vince
Original Music Composer Harry Sukman
Director of Photography Otto Heller
Screenplay Stanley Mann
Director Sidney J. Furie
Art Direction Peter Proud
Novel Francis Clifford
Continuity Pat Moon
Assistant Camera David Wynn-Jones

United Kingdom / Sinatra Enterprises / 101 minutes / Released 1967-07-19

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