The Man with One Red Shoe | 1985 | Tom Hanks, Jim Belushi,

Tom Hanks stars as Richard Harlan Drew, the innocent victim of CIA infighting in Stan Dragoti’s spy comedy. One faction of agents decides to pick on a totally innocent man and shadow him as if he were an enemy agent. The other faction fall for their trick and believe he really is an enemy agent. Drew is initially oblivious to the plots, but slowly begins to realise that strange people are following him and weird things are happening, including the arrival in his life of blonde temptress Maddy (Lori Singer), an undercover CIA agent.

Based on the French film The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe, the film also stars Dabney Coleman, Jim Belushi and Carrie Fisher.

Tom Hanks as Richard Harlan Drew
Dabney Coleman as Cooper
Lori Singer as Maddy
Charles Durning as Ross
Carrie Fisher as Paula
Edward Herrmann as Brown
James Belushi as Morris
Irving Metzman as Virdon
Tom Noonan as Reese
Gerrit Graham as Carson
David L. Lander as Stemple
Ritch Brinkley as Hulse
Frank Hamilton as Edgar
Dortha Duckworth as Natalie
David Ogden Stiers as The Conductor
Julius Carry as CIA Agent
Stephen Bradley as CIA Agent
Art LaFleur as CIA Agent
Richard McGonagle as CIA Agent
George Martin as Senate Chairman
Patricia Gaul as Mrs. Brown
Charles Levin as CIA Dentist
Dan Resin as Man in Car
Tom Rayhall as Sergeant at Arms
Victoria Carroll as Receptionist
Mark Robman as Dentist
Charles Walker as Reporter
David Selburg as Reporter
Lisa Raggio as Reporter
Ivy Bethune as Female Patient
Richard Clark as Cab Driver
Tom Chiu as Dickie
Damita Jo Freeman as Waitress
Jeff Ware as Prof. Chermenko
Noel De Souza as Officer on Dock
Dan Ziskie as Young American
Sam Sako as Dock Worker

Production Design: Dean Mitzner
Set Decoration: Anne D. Mcculley
Set Designer: Cameron Birnie
Director Of Photography: Richard H. Kline
Costume Design: William Ware Theiss
Director: Stan Dragoti
Editor: O. Nicholas Brown
Editor: Bud Molin
Producer: Victor Drai
Casting: Dianne Crittenden
Unit Production Manager: Henry Kline
Original Music Composer: Thomas Newman
Screenplay: Robert Klane
Original Story: Francis Veber
Original Story: Yves Robert

USA | 90 minutes | 1985


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