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The Hunters | 1958 | Robert Mitchum Robert Wagner


The Hunters | 1958 | Robert Mitchum Robert Wagner

Dick Powell’s Korean War adventure film stars Robert Mitchum as Cleve Seville, the tough, emotionless veteran pilot in charge of a group of greenhorns, including cocky Ed Pell (Robert Wagner) and nervous Carl Abbott (Lee Philips). When Seville meets Abbott’s wife Kristina (May Britt), his tough exterior softens but when her husband is shot down behind enemy lines, Seville must do his duty as he and Pell go in to rescue him. Dick Powell, who made his name first as a heart-throb in musicals and then as a tough guy in a series of highly regarded films noir , directed a handful of films and this, his last, is commendably brisk, with the tough action mellowed by the romance.

Robert Mitchum as Major Cleve Saville
Robert Wagner as Lt. Ed Pell
Richard Egan as Colonel Dutch Imil, CO 54th Fighter Group
May Britt as Kristina ‘Kris’ Abbott
Lee Philips as 1st Lt. Carl Abbott
John Gabriel as 1st Lt. Corona
Stacy Harris as Col. Monk Moncavage
Victor Sen Yung as Korean farmer
Candace Lee as Korean Child
Director: Dick Powell
US | 108 minutes | 1958

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