The Hot Rock | 1972 | Robert Redford, George Segal

Robert Redford plays ex-con John Dortmunder, who plans, with his brother-in-law Andrew Kelp (George Segal), to steal a priceless diamond from the Brooklyn Museum. Helped by expert getaway man Stan Murch (Ron Liebman) and explosives wizard Alan Greenberg (Paul Sand), the daring duo steal the gem with a little assistance from bombs, a faked car crash and a little dressing up. But almost as soon as they get their hands on the loot, they lose it and are must retrieve it from the various hands into which it falls.

The mixture of farce, slapstick and fast-moving thrills comes off entertainingly under the direction of Peter Yates, who makes excellent use of well-chosen New York locations and stages a memorable wild helicopter ride through the city’s concrete canyons.

Robert Redford as Dortmunder
George Segal as Kelp
Ron Leibman as Murch
Paul Sand as Greenburg
Moses Gunn as Dr. Amusa
William Redfield as Lt. Hoover
Topo Swope as Sis
Charlotte Rae as Ma Murch
Graham Jarvis as Warden
Christopher Guest as Policeman
Zero Mostel as Abe Greenberg

Director: Peter Yates
Script: Donald E. Westlake William Goldman

USA | 101 minutes | 1972


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