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The Happiest Days of Your Life (Talking Pictures TV / 17 Dec 2020)

The Happiest Days of Your Life (1950


The Happiest Days of Your Life (Talking Pictures TV / 17 Dec 2020)

Nutbourne College, an old established, all-boys, boarding school is told that another school is to be billeted with due to wartime restrictions. The shock is that it’s an all-girls school that has been sent. The two head teachers are soon battling for the upper hand with each other and the Ministry. But a crisis (or two) forces them to work together.


Alastair Sim (Wetherby Pond), Margaret Rutherford (Muriel Whitchurch), John Turnbull (Conrad Matthews: Staff of Nutbourne), Richard Wattis (Arnold Billings: Staff of Nutbourne), John Bentley (Richard Tassell: Staff of Nutbourne), Guy Middleton (Victor Hyde-Brown: Staff of Nutbourne), Percy Walsh (Monsieur Joue: Staff of Nutbourne), Arthur Howard (Anthony Ramsden: Staff of Nutbourne), Edward Rigby (Rainbow: Staff of Nutbourne), Harold Goodwin (Edwin: Staff of Nutbourne), Gladys Henson (Mrs. Hampstead: Staff of Nutbourne), Muriel Aked (Miss Jezzard: Staff of St. Swithin’s), Joyce Grenfell (Miss Gossage: Staff of St. Swithin’s), Bernadette O’Farrell (Miss Harper: Staff of St. Swithin’s), Myrette Morven (Miss Chapel: Staff of St. Swithin’s), Patience Rentoul (Miss Armstrong: Staff of St. Swithin’s), Lilian Stanley (Miss Curtis: Staff of St. Swithin’s), Kenneth Downey (Sir Angus McNally), Laurence Naismith (Dr. Collet), Stringer Davis (Rev. Rich), Stanley Lemin (Mr. Parry), Olwen Brookes (Mrs. Parry), Alan Broadhurst (Mr. Ibbertson), Vivien Wood (Mrs. Ibbertson), Nan Munro (Mrs. Jones), Russell Waters (Mr. West), George Benson (Mr. Tripp), Angela Glynne (Barbara Colhoun), Patricia Owens (Angela Parry), Margaret Anderson (Alice), Betty Blackler (Mary), Fred Marshall (Metcalf), John Rhodes (Cranbourne), Jim Davis (Talbot), Keith Faulkner (Unsworth), William Simonds (Oliver), George Cole (Junior Assistant Caretaker at Ministry of Education (Uncredited)), Beryl Ede (Political Canvasser (Uncredited)), Gertrude Kaye (Assistant Cook (Uncredited)), Charlotte Mitchell (Ethel (Uncredited)), Pat Pleasance (Young Girl (Uncredited)), Mackenzie Ward (Benson (Uncredited)),


Director: Frank Launder

UK / 81 minutes / 1950


14:30-16:10 Thu 17th Dec 2020
Talking Pictures TV


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