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The Conqueror | 1956 | John Wayne, Susan Hayward


The Conqueror | 1956 | John Wayne, Susan Hayward

A movie that lives down to its reputation. For reasons known only to himself, wilful producer and millionaire Howard Hughes gave this Eastern ‘western’ to former crooner Dick Powell to direct as his debut. A painfully archaic script in so-called ‘period’ falls leadenly off the lips of John Wayne and Susan Hayward.
Wayne plays Temujin a Mongolian warlord who is set on revenge against his tribal enemies after the death of his father. Eventually, he wins numerous bloody battles and becomes the notorious Genghis Klan. A solemn miscast failure, hard on audiences and even harder on the misused horses in the movie.

John Wayne as Temujin, later Genghis Khan
Susan Hayward as Bortai
Pedro Armend√°riz as Jamuga
Agnes Moorehead as Hunlun
Thomas Gomez as Wang Khan
John Hoyt as Shaman
William Conrad as Kasar
Ted de Corsia as Kumlek
Leslie Bradley as Targutai
Lee Van Cleef as Chepei
Peter Mamakos as Bogurchi
Leo Gordon as Tartar Captain
Richard Loo as Captain of Wang’s guard
George E. Stone as Sibilant Sam (uncredited)
John George as Drummer (uncredited)
Director: Dick Powell
US | 111 minutes | 1956

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