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The Burning (Horror Channel / 14 Dec 2020)

The Burning (1981


The Burning (Horror Channel / 14 Dec 2020)

A caretaker at a summer camp is burned when a prank goes tragically wrong. After several years of intensive treatment at hospital, he is released back into society, albeit missing some social skills. What follows is a bloody killing spree with the caretaker making his way back to his old stomping ground to confront one of the youths that accidently burned him.


Brian Matthews (Todd), Leah Ayres (Michelle), Brian Backer (Alfred), Larry Joshua (Glazer), Jason Alexander (Dave), Ned Eisenberg (Eddy), Carrick Glenn (Sally), Carolyn Houlihan (Karen), Fisher Stevens (Woodstock), Lou David (Cropsy), Shelley Bruce (Tiger), Sarah Chodoff (Barbara), Bonnie Deroski (Marnie), Holly Hunter (Sophie), Kevi Kendall (Diane), K.C. Townsend (Hooker), John Tripp (Camp Counselor),


Director: Tony Maylam

US, CA / 91 minutes / 1981


Time: 00:45-02:35 Mon 14th Dec 2020 90m
Channel: Horror Channel


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