Norman Puckle (Norman Wisdom), a well-meaning but clumsy grocer’s assistant, can’t seem to do anything right. After being rejected by Marlene, the love of his life, he attempts suicide, but can’t even do that. He is saved from jumping off a cliff at ‘Lover’s Leap’ by a Royal Navy petty officer. He persuades Puckle to join the Royal Navy, where he’ll meet ‘lots of girls’. Life in the Navy proves not to be as rosy as it’s been described, and Puckle fails at every task during basic training. But despite this, he’s regarded by the Admiral in charge of a rocket project to be a ‘typical average British sailor’, and chosen to be the first man to fly into outer space in an experimental rocket.


Norman Wisdom Norman
Ian Hunter Admiral Sir Bryanston Blyth
David Lodge Chief Petty Officer Knowles
John Le Mesurier Prosecuting counsel
Michael Caine Sailor in Cinema Fight (uncredited)
Oliver Reed Teddy Boy in Cinema Fight (uncredited)
Terence Alexander Defending Counsel


Screenplay Jack Davies
Screenplay Norman Wisdom
Director Robert Asher
Screenplay Henry Blyth

Country: United Kingdom
Studio & Production Companies: The Rank Organisation
Runtime: 97 minutes
Release Date: 1960-12-13