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The Brave Don’t Cry (Talking Pictures TV / 17 Dec 2020)


The Brave Don’t Cry (Talking Pictures TV / 17 Dec 2020)

The Brave Don’t Cry aspires to the “feel” of a documentary, right down to the deliberate absence of background music. A mine in Scotland falls victim to a cave-in, trapping some one hundred workers. Rescue parties are formed as the tremulous families of the miners wait in agony. As in the actual incident upon which this film is based, the rescue is nip and tuck and times, but eventually successful. The faces of real-life Scottish mining folk are melded with the professional actors in The Brave Don’t Cry, adding poignancy to this otherwise cut-and-dried film.


John Gregson (John Cameron), Meg Buchanan (Margaret Wishart), Andrew Keir (Charlie Ross), Fulton Mackay (Dan Wishart), John Rae (Donald Sloan), Jack Stewart (Willie Duncan), Wendy Noel (Jean Knox), Russell Waters (Hughie Aitken), Jameson Clark (Doctor Andrew Kerr), Eric Woodburn (Rab Elliott), Archie Duncan (Walter Hardie), Anne Butchart (Biddy Ross), Jean Anderson (Mrs. Sloan),


Director: Philip Leacock

UK / 89 minutes / 1952


10:30-12:15 Thu 17th Dec 2020
Talking Pictures TV


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