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The Blue Lamp (1949, Jack Warner, Dirk Bogarde)

The Blue Lamp introduces PC George Dixon (Jack Warner), charged with showing new boy Andy Mitchell (Jimmy Hanley) the ropes. There is helping old ladies and giving directions, until the film takes a darker turn when Dixon is killed in a raid on a cinema.

The killer (a great turn from young Dirk Bogarde) is presented as part of a new breed of post-war criminals, without a code or honour, and even the respectable criminals want to help the police track him down. While the police are presented in an idealized way, London looks a fantastic playground, never more so than in the climactic showdown at White City. Dixon, of course, would be revived and live on for 20 years on TV.

Cast: Jack Warner, Jimmy Hanley, Dirk Bogarde, Robert Flemyng, Bernard Lee, Peggy Evans
Director: Basil Dearden

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