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The Battle at Apache Pass ( / 15 Dec 2020)

The Battle at Apache Pass (1952


The Battle at Apache Pass ( / 15 Dec 2020)

The movie depicts a fictionalized account of “The Bascom Affair” of 1861 and “The battle of Apache pass” of 1862. U.S. Cavalry officer Maj. Jim Colton(John Lund) is a sympathetic leader who has a working relationship with Apache leader Cochise(Jeff Chandler). Maj. Colton is undermined by corrupt and politically ambitious Indian agent Neil Baylor(Bruce Cowling) who sets up a false attack, and the abduction of a local farmer’s son. While Colton is away investigating the matter, Baylor convinces Lt. George Bascom(John Hudson) that Cochise’s band is to blame, and incites him to lead an expedition against the Apache band to return the boy. The expedition ends in disaster, with hostages executed on both sides. The Apaches and Cavalry later meet in a battle at Apache pass, the first time that the Indians meet modern (for the age) artillery


John Lund (Maj. Jim Colton), Jeff Chandler (Cochise), Beverly Tyler (Mary Kearney), Bruce Cowling (Neil Baylor), Susan Cabot (Nono), John Hudson (Lt. George Bascom), Jack Elam (Mescal Jack), Regis Toomey (Dr. Carter), Richard Egan (Sgt. Reuben Bernard), Hugh O’Brian (Lt. Robert Harley), James Best (Cpl. Hassett), Gregg Palmer (Joe Bent (as Palmer Lee)), William Reynolds (Lem Bent), Jay Silverheels (Geronimo), Tommy Cook (Little Elk),


Director: George Sherman

US / 85 minutes / 1952


12:10-14:00 Tue 15th Dec 2020


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