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Teenage Paparazzo | 2010 | Adrian Grenier, Austin Visschedyk


Teenage Paparazzo | 2010 | Adrian Grenier, Austin Visschedyk

American documentary exploring the true story of the relationship between a 14-year-old paparazzo Austin Visschedyk and Adrian Grenier, the star of the HBO series Entourage . Inspired by a chance encounter with Visschedyk during a night out, Grenier turns the cameras on the paparazzi in an effort to document this unique teenager’s world. But the actor/ director soon finds the project turning into a personal challenge as Grenier is forced to take responsibility for his influence on his subject’s life. As Visschedyk succumbs to the lure of fame, Grenier sets out to understand what makes that lure so powerful, hoping that he and Austin can find something more authentic than the relationship of mutual exploitation that now exists between them. The film also uses interviews with psychologists, historians, journalists, fans and celebrities.

Alec Baldwin as Himself
Kevin Connelly as Himself
Whoopi Goldberg as Herself
Paris Hilton as Herself
Adrian Grenier as Himself
Matt Damon as

Director: Adrian Grenier
Script: Adrian Grenier

USA | 94 minutes | 2010

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