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Tabu (Matahi, Anne Chevalier)

Image from Tabu

Tabu: The youngsters Matahi and Reri are in love with each other. The old warrior Hitu announces that Reri is to be the new chosen virgin for the gods. This means she must stay untouched, otherwise she and her lover will be killed. But Matahi abducts and escapes with her to an island ruled by the white man, where their gods would be harmless and powerless.

Matahi The Boy
Anne Chevalier The Girl (as Reri)
Bill Bambridge The Policeman (as Jean)
Hitu The Old Warrior
Jules The Captain (uncredited)

Screenplay Edgar G. Ulmer
Production Manager Edgar G. Ulmer
Supervising Editor Edgar G. Ulmer
Director of Photography Floyd Crosby
Camera Operator Floyd Crosby
Screenplay F.W. Murnau
Director F.W. Murnau
Producer F.W. Murnau
Original Music Composer Hugo Riesenfeld
Screenplay Robert J. Flaherty
Producer Robert J. Flaherty
Assistant Director David Flaherty
Associate Producer David Flaherty
Editor Arthur A. Brooks
Assistant Director Bill Bambridge

United States of America / Murnau-Flaherty Productions / 86 minutes / Released 1931-08-01

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