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Susan Shaw (1929-1978, Actor)

Picture of Susan Shaw.

Born Patsy Sloots, Shaw’ career began in the aftermath of World Wr II, with her first notable role in the British noir It Always Rains on Sunday. Her second husband Bruno Colleano was killed in a car accident in 1958, a loss from which Shaw never recovered. She died , aged only 49, in 1978.

Born: Born: Aug 29, 1929 In West Norwood, London, England, UK
Known As: Actor


1963: The Switch
1962: Stranglehold
1959: Carry On Nurse
1958: Chain of Events
1958: The Diplomatic Corpse
1956: Fire Maidens of Outer Space
1955: Stock Car
1955: Blonde Blackmailer
1954: The Good Die Young
1954: Time Is My Enemy
1953: The Intruder
1953: Small Town Story
1953: The Large Rope
1952: A Killer Walks
1952: Wide Boy
1951: Pool of London
1951: There Is Another Sun
1950: Waterfront Women
1950: The Woman in Question
1949: Train of Events
1949: Vote for Huggett
1949: It’s Not Cricket
1949: Marry Me
1949: The Huggetts Abroad
1948: My Brother’s Keeper
1948: To the Public Danger
1948: Here Come the Huggetts
1948: Quartet
1948: London Belongs to Me
1947: Holiday Camp
1947: The Upturned Glass
1947: Jassy
1947: It Always Rains on Sunday
1946: Walking on Air

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