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Street of Shadows (Talking Pictures TV / 15 Dec 2020)

Shadow Man (1953


Street of Shadows (Talking Pictures TV / 15 Dec 2020)

A saloon owner falls in love with the abused wife of a heavy gambler. He is snared into a web of intrigue when an ex-girlfriend is found murdered in his apartment.


Cesar Romero (Luigi), Kay Kendall (Barbara Gale), Victor Maddern (Danny ‘Limpy’ Thomas), Edward Underdown (Det. Insp. Johnstone), Simone Silva (Angele Abbé), Liam Gaffney (Constable Fred Roberts), Bill Travers (Nigel Langley – Barbara’s date), Molly Hawley-Clifford (“Starry” Darryl), John Penrose (Gerald Gale), Robert Cawdron (Det. Sgt. Hadley), Henry Purvis (Starry’s Brother), Paul Hardtmuth (V. H. Mayall), Eileen Way (Mrs. Thoms), Tony Sympson (Nicky the Burgler), Michael Kelly (Seaman West, the combative “john”), Fred Griffiths (Cabbie), Jack Howarth (Limpy’s Landlord),


Director: Richard Vernon

UK / 76 minutes / 1953


12:30-14:10 Tue 15th Dec 2020
Talking Pictures TV


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