Three childhood friends, Martha, Walter and Sam, share a terrible secret. Over time, the ambitious Martha and the pusillanimous Walter have married. She is a cold businesswoman; he is the district attorney: a perfect combination to dominate the corrupt city of Iverstown at will. But the unexpected return of Sam, after years of absence, deeply disturbs the life of the odd coupleā€¦

Barbara Stanwyck as Martha Ivers
Van Heflin as Sam Masterson
Lizabeth Scott as Antonia ‘Toni’ Marachek
Kirk Douglas as Walter O’Neil
Judith Anderson as Mrs. Ivers
Roman Bohnen as Mr. O’Neil
Darryl Hickman as Young Sam
Janis Wilson as Young Martha
Ann Doran as Bobbi St. John
Frank Orth as Hotel Clerk
James Flavin as Police Detective #1
Mickey Kuhn as Young Walter
Charles D. Brown as McCarthy
Blake Edwards as Sleeping Sailor (uncredited)
Walter Baldwin as Dempsey (uncredited)
Tom Dillon as Police Detective #2 (uncredited)
Bert Roach as Man Waiting (uncredited)
John Kellogg as Joe (uncredited)
Director: Lewis Milestone
US | 115 minutes | 1946