Keanu Reeves plays Jack Traven, a young cop working with the LAPD bomb squad. Thwarting mad bomber Howard Payne (Dennis Hopper), who has wired up a lift to explode, Traven finds himself the object of revenge. Payne rigs a bomb to a bus which arms when the speed reaches above 50mph and explodes if it drops beneath. With passenger Annie Porter (Sandra Bullock) drafted in to replace the injured driver, Traven has to work out how to disarm the bomb and evacuate the passengers while she keeps the bus up to speed in urban LA. Unsurprisingly, he succeeds but Payne isn’t finished yet and when Annie is held hostage on a subway train, there’s only one man who can rescue her…

There is a host of good action films but only a handful of great ones and Speed belongs in with that few. Reeves, in his first action role, is a revelation as the hero, resourceful and intelligent while Bullock proves she’s not just a pretty face but a match for Reeves all along (newcomer Graham Yost’s script generously gives her as many smart, funny lines as Reeves). Director Jan de Bon’t first feature shows he learnt valuable lessons as cameraman on two other action classics, Total Recall and Die Hard.

Cast:Keanu Reeves (Jack Traven), Sandra Bullock (Annie Porter), Dennis Hopper (Howard Payne), Jeff Daniels (Harold ‘Harry’ Temple), Jordan Lund (Bagwell), Joe Morton (Capt. McMahon), Alan Ruck (Stephens), Richard Lineback (Norwood), Glenn Plummer (Jaguar Owner), Beth Grant (Helen), Hawthorne James (Sam), Carlos Carrasco (Ortiz), David Kriegel (Terry), Natsuko Ohama (Mrs. Kamino), Simone Gad (Bus Passenger #1), Loretta Jean (Bus Passenger #2), Sherri Villanueva (Bus Passenger #3), Margaret Medina (Robin), Robert Mailhouse (Young Executive), Patrick Fischler (Friend of Executive), Patrick John Hurley (CEO), Susan Barnes (Female Executive), Rick Dano (S.W.A.T. Driver), Michael Sottile (S.W.A.T. Cop), Jane Crawley (Baby Carriage Woman #1), Anne O’Sullivan (Baby Carriage Woman #2), Beau Starr (Commissioner), John Capodice (Bob), Thomas Rosales Jr. (Vince), James DuMont (Workman), Antonio Mora (News Anchor #1), Patty Toy (News Anchor #2), Todd Gordon (News Cameraman), Bruce Wright (Reporter #1), Mark Kriski (Reporter #2), Dagny Hultgreen (Reporter #3), Richard Schiff (Train Driver), Joseph Carberry (Cop), Sandy Martin (Bartender), Neisha Folkes-LeMelle (Mrs. McMahon), Jim Mapp (Additional Bus Passenger #1), Milton Quon (Additional Bus Passenger #2), Sonia Jackson (Additional Bus Passenger #3), Carmen Williams (Additional Bus Passenger #4), Paula Montes (Additional Bus Passenger #5), Loyda Ramos (Additional Bus Passenger #6), Julia Vera (Additional Bus Passenger #7), Marylou Lim (Additional Bus Passenger #8), Brian K. Grant (Elevator Passenger #1), Barry Kramer (Elevator Passenger #2), Robin McKee (Elevator Passenger #3), Paige Goodman (Elevator Passenger #4), Christina Fitzgerald (Elevator Passenger #5), Tara Thomas (Elevator Passenger #6), Cece Tsou (Elevator Passenger #7), Michael N. Fujimoto (Elevator Passenger #8), Richard Gelb (Elevator Passenger #9), Daniel Villarreal (Ray), Veronica Cartwright (Bag Lady),

Director: Jan de Bont

US / 116 minutes / 1994