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South of St. Louis | 1949 | Joel McCrea, Alexis Smith

Classic western set in the last days of the Civil War. Chased off their ranch by marauding guerrillas, Kip Davis (Joel McCrea), Charlie Burns (Zachary Scott) and Lee Price (Douglas Kennedy) head south for a new life. Davis and Burns go into the gun-running business while Price joins the Confederate army. The three soon find themselves on opposite sides of the law, with sultry saloon girl Rouge de Lisle (Alexis Smith) adding to the ill-feeling.
Joel McCrea as Kip Davis
Alexis Smith as Rouge de Lisle
Zachary Scott as Charlie Burns
Dorothy Malone as Deborah Miller
Douglas Kennedy as Lee Price
Alan Hale as Jake Evarts
Victor Jory as Luke Cottrell
Bob Steele as Slim Hansen
Art Smith as Bronco
Director: Ray Enright
USA | 88 minutes | 1949

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