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She Wore a Yellow Ribbon | 1949 | John Wayne, Joanne Dru

John Wayne plays a cavalry captain facing up to imminent retirement in John Ford’s elegaic Western. The centrepiece of the trilogy kicked off with Fort Apache and closed with Rio Grande
The second in Ford’s cavalry trilogy, made between Fort Apache and Rio Grande.
Shot in gorgeous Technicolor by Winton C. Hoch (he won an Oscar), it stars Wayne as the retiring Captain Brittles, forced by age to leave his beloved fort.
His character emerges as a dry run for his role seven years later in a Ford masterpiece, The Searchers, again as a man forced by circumstances into a protective shell.
Ford is less concerned with action than with notions of regret at the passing of time and the inevitable consequences of age. It is also a meditation on courage, friendship and chivalry. This definitely builds on the first film, with a vigour in the shooting that might have been the result of a 28-day schedule.
Only the comedy, notably from Victor McLaglen as the retiring Sergeant, spoils the overall mood of this magnificent film.

John Wayne as Capt. Nathan Cutting Brittles
Joanne Dru as Olivia Dandridge
John Agar as Lt. Flint Cohill
Ben Johnson as Sgt. Tyree
Harry Carey, Jr. as 2nd Lt. Ross Pennell
Victor McLaglen as First Sergeant Quincannon
Mildred Natwick as Abby Allshard (“Old Iron Pants”)
George O’Brien as Maj. Mac Allshard
Arthur Shields as Dr. O’Laughlin
Michael Dugan as Sgt. Hochbauer
Chief John Big Tree as Chief Pony That Walks
Fred Graham as Sgt. Hench
George Sky Eagle as Chief Sky Eagle
Tom Tyler as Cpl. Mike Quayne
Noble Johnson as Chief Red Shirt
Paul Fix as Gunrunner (uncredited)
Francis Ford as Connelly – Fort Stark Suttlers Barman (uncredited)
Cliff Lyons as Trooper Cliff (uncredited)
Frank McGrath as Bugler / Indian (uncredited)
Irving Pichel as Narrator (voice) (uncredited)
William Steele as Officer (uncredited)
Jack Tornek as Officer (uncredited)
Dan White as Trooper (uncredited)
Harry Woods as Karl Rynders (uncredited)
Director: John Ford
Producers: John Ford, Merian C Cooper
Writers: Frank S Nugent, Laurence Stallings
Photographers: Winton C Hoch, Charles P Boyle
Composer: Richard Hageman
USA | 103 minutes | 1949

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