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Shahjehan | 1946 | K.L. Saigal, Ragini

Shahjehan (a raw Rehman in one of his first releases) is approached by a Rajput chieftain, Jwala Singh, narrating the plight of his foster daughter, Ruhi (Ragini), who is blessed with unheard of beauty. This gives rise to an army of suitors, who indulge in violence to prevent her from getting married by scaring her to-be grooms. Her beauty, confined to four walls of Jwala’s haveli becomes part of folklore, and street gossip, through the poetry of Sohail (Saigal) who accidentally catches her glimpse, and falls in love with her.
K.L. Saigal as Sohail
Ragini as Ruhi
Rehman as Shahjehan
Director: Abdul Rashid Kardar
India | 121 minutes | 1946