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Secret Santa (Sony Movies Christmas / 15 Dec 2020)

Secret Santa (2003


Secret Santa (Sony Movies Christmas / 15 Dec 2020)

Newspaper reporter Rebecca Chandler, who feels she got no fair chance to prove her worth in her thee years career, looks forward to a Hawaian holiday with her fiancé Ryan, but instead of a ring he brings her- walking orders, he found better. So she accepts again to be the bachelor on duty in the Christmas season, and write the annual romantic non-news feel good-story, once more about the elusive Secret Santa in small-town Hamden, where the Christmas spirit it said to last all year. Bad luck follows her from Indianapolis: her car breaks down, she can only get lodgings in a home for the elderly without Internet, and nobody wants to help her unmask the secret Santa. Soon she guesses it must be the only rich philanthropist, but the popular Mr. John Martin Carter doesn’t grant her an interview and isn’t tricked either, in fact meets her at the worst repeatedly without her knowing him…


Jennie Garth (Rebecca Chandler), Steven Eckholdt (John Martin Carter), Charles Robinson (Russell), Joel McKinnon Miller (Harley), Victor Raider-Wexler (Bob), Josh Randall (Ryan), Kathryn Joosten (Winifred), Sam Anderson (Mr. Gibson), Marnette Patterson (Callie), Cody Fleetwood (Scotty), Barbara Billingsley (Miss Ruthie),


Director: Ian Barry

US / 0 minutes / 2003


06:00-08:00 Tue 15th Dec 2020 115m
Sony Movies Christmas


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