Seance on a Wet Afternoon | 1964 | Kim Stanley, Richard Attenborough

Bryan Forbes’ classic thriller stars Kim Stanley as Myra Savage, a fake clairvoyant who, with her weak-willed husband Bill (Richard Attenborough), plans to prove her supposed powers. They kidnap the child of a rich financier and then let it be known that Myra can help find her, while planning to claim the ransom for their own. But the child falls ill, the police begin to have their suspicions and in a climactic séance, Savage falls into a trance that may reveal the truth.

Forbes’ direction, coupled with the cinematography of Gerry Turpin, superbly evokes a grey, post-war Britain where people wanted to escape their miserable lives through any means possible.

Kim Stanley as Myra Savage
Richard Attenborough as Bill Savage
Marian Spencer as Mrs. Wintry
Judith Donner as Amanda
Margaret Lacey as Woman at first Seance
Marie Burke as Woman at first Seance
Maria Kazan as Woman at first Seance
Lionel Gamlin as Man at Seances
Godfrey James as Mrs. Clayton’s Chauffeur
Ronald Hines as Policeman Outside Clayton’s
Hajni Biro as Maid at Clayton’s
Mark Eden as Mr. Clayton
Nanette Newman as Mrs. Clayton
Diana Lambert as Sheila – Mr. Clayton’s Secretary
Frank Singuineau as Bus Conductor
Gerald Sim as Beedle
Stanley Morgan as Man in Trilby
Maggie Rennie as Woman at Second Seance
Michael Lees as Plain Clothes Policeman
Patrick Magee as Walsh
Arnold Bell as Mr. Weaver

Director: Bryan Forbes
Script: Bryan Forbes, Mark McShane

UK | 111 minutes | 1964


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