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Santa Fe (Sony Movies Action / 21 Dec 2020)

Santa Fe (1951


Santa Fe (Sony Movies Action / 21 Dec 2020)

After their service in the Civil War, four brothers go their separate ways, but later find themselves on opposite sides of a final showdown.


Randolph Scott (Britt Canfield), Janis Carter (Judith Chandler), Jerome Courtland (Terry Canfield), Peter M. Thompson (Tom Canfield), John Archer (Clint Canfield), Warner Anderson (Dave Baxter), Roy Roberts (Cole Sanders), Billy House (Luke Plummer), Olin Howland (Dan Dugan), Allene Roberts (Ella Sue Canfield), Jock Mahoney (Crake (as Jock O’Mahoney)), Harry Cording (Moose Legrande), Sven Hugo Borg (‘Swede’ Swanstrom), Frank Ferguson (Marshal Bat Masterson), Irving Pichel (Harned), Harry Tyler (Rusty), Chief Thundercloud (Chief Longfeather), Paul E. Burns (Uncle Dick Wootton),


Director: Irving Pichel

US / 88 minutes / 1951


13:05-14:55 Mon 21st Dec 2020
Sony Movies Action


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